Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I forgot to mention that I had a ton of fun in the waves. O.K., You have to hear the whole story before you'll get it. So, one day, my Grandpa, my brother and I went to the beach.(By the way, we were still in Florida) We went there to help my Grandpa's friend hunt for Sandflees, a kind of bait my Grandpa used. We had a lot of trouble finding them, and soon my brother and I were in our own world, along with the waves. We had worn normal clothes, but thought it was more interesting to get soaked, and fall in the waves, than hunt for sandflees (my poor Grandpa, all deserted). But my mom soon came down, and we didn't find many sandflees after we befriended the waves. But it was so fun, except for the salt water in the Gulf. That was one of the most fun of alll the fun things on my trip.


  1. Love the new blog background change! Thanks for today!

  2. Your scarf is so pretty! Miss you!