Saturday, March 31, 2012


 Ok guys, I only have a few minutes, so I am going to give you a description of my time in Florida.

I just came back yesterday, after 15 hours of driving! We stayed with my Grandparents in their rented condo on Marco Island. They had a wonderful pool that I went in at least once every day. It was right on the beach -- so convenient! The last day we were there (at least I think it was the last), we went for a walk on the beach and collected beautiful shells! The day we left, our destination was Epcot. As you probably already know, that is a part of Disney World, and had such a fun time! We spent a whole day there, and went on a lot of rides! There was one that was a test track, where you would go in a go-kart-like car, and the people controlling the car would test all the things that you would normally test for a car, such as heat, crashing, speed etc. For crashing, they took you at full speed, and you almost crashed into an automatic door, when it opened!!! It was freeky!!!! But, altogether, I had a blast!!!!!


  1. That sounds like SO much fun!!!! I went to Florida as well but it was at the panhandle (as some people have called it, but the only state I knew of that had a panhandle was OK)! Anyway, we also collected shells even though a few of them stunk like rotten fish. We also found pieces of sand dollars. I should post a picture of my collection!

  2. That sounds SO fun!

    By the way, this is a very nice post for a few minute :)

  3. Fun! I swam a lot too, but it drove me crazy because I would swim, them go dry off and get dressed, then I'd want to swim again and my only swimsuit would be soaked!