Friday, April 27, 2012

A Day of Leisure

Today, my friends, I am happy to say, I am home sick.(Yay!!) So, as you can probably guess, I have been watching TV. I watched "Little House on the Prairie" which was a little bit odd. Earlier, I had gotten my uniform for school on, and thought I was ready to go, but then my Mom ended up staying home, so I got to too.!!! Isn't it so fun to stay home from school! I mean, you have to make up the extra work(of course!), but other than that, it's so fun, right?! I did say that I would post pictures of my finished Starbella scarf, so I should do that. Here they are! Hope you like them!
 Here is the scarf. Sorry you can't see it that well. The next one
is better.
 This one is better! Isn't it cool! Just so you know, this yarn is
called Happy Pinks.
This one is ME, wearing the scarf. You can't
even really tell if it is multiple strands, or not.

This is my current scarf. I am making it for my mom.
Here it is again.
Don't be suprised if your yarn gets twisted. I know it is a lot
of work to straighten it time after time, but that's just what you
have to do.
And, here's my ball of yarn. This yarn, by the way, is called

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Do you like to knit?

Do you like to knit? I just recently got this really cool kind of yarn called Starbella yarn, and it makes a rufflely scarf! It is so cool! I shall try to post some pictures of it soon, but I don't exactly know how to upload pictures. But, if you don't already have it you can go  to this: It should pop up, and you can order it. I will try my best to post pictures of what it looks like.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I forgot to mention that I had a ton of fun in the waves. O.K., You have to hear the whole story before you'll get it. So, one day, my Grandpa, my brother and I went to the beach.(By the way, we were still in Florida) We went there to help my Grandpa's friend hunt for Sandflees, a kind of bait my Grandpa used. We had a lot of trouble finding them, and soon my brother and I were in our own world, along with the waves. We had worn normal clothes, but thought it was more interesting to get soaked, and fall in the waves, than hunt for sandflees (my poor Grandpa, all deserted). But my mom soon came down, and we didn't find many sandflees after we befriended the waves. But it was so fun, except for the salt water in the Gulf. That was one of the most fun of alll the fun things on my trip.