Monday, February 18, 2013

Ode to Wordsworth

Here is an Ode I wrote to Wordswoth with my friend at school.

   Wordsworth, who was in his day brave,
       Lived many a trial;
   Though he stood by many a grave,
       Had courage all the while.

    He wrote about trees and flowers--
        He sat by many ponds.
    His garden was a pretty bau'r
        Of which he was so fond.

     Through all his troubles he still wrote,
         His poems oft' had morals
     Some were about a stolen boat,
         Or woods or streams, or florals.

I Post- Finally!

Hi everybody! I have nto posted in about half a year, so I am so sorry.  I don't really have anything to post. But I am just sitting here in February, and ther is no snow outside. Well ther is a tiny bit, but it is 40 degrees, and so nice. We went to the arboretum this morning to walk around and enjoy the day. It is still cloudy now, though. I am just going to be sitting around the rest of the day, until I have to go to soccer practice at 3:45. That's it for now, so bye!!